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Neya By Tawakkal Collection Vol 02 | D-1237-II

Neya By Tawakkal Collection Vol 02 | D-1237-II

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šš„š˜š€ By š“ššš°ššš¤š¤ššš„ š…ššš›š«š¢šœš¬

Elevate the winter charm with š“ššš°ššš¤š¤ššš„ š…ššš›š«š¢šœš¬' šš„š˜š€ š•šŽš‹ šˆšˆ Khaddar collection.

2 Piece Un-Stitched Collection by Tawakkal Fabrics, Attractive & Elegant Khaddar Collection comes with:

- Un-Stitched Schiffli Embroidered Khaddar Shirt Designs

- Unstitched Plain Khaddar Shalwar Fabric

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